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Spanish speaking Psychologists… Always near you! Overcome Anxiety, Jealousy, Communication Problems, Infidelity and other Couple Conflicts from the comfort of your Home with our online services.

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Why Psychology On The Go?

We are registered Online Psychologists, specialized in Anxiety problems, Panic disorder, Depression and Online Couples Therapy. We have a real commitment to mental health: we only apply techniques and knowledge that have been validated by science. We believe that well-being has no geographical limits, which is why we offer remote therapies that serve people who need them around the world.

We have brief and focused psychotherapy tools, we are based on Cognitive Behavioral Psychology for individual approaches and on Strategic Systemic Psychology to address couple problems and crises.

  • The psychologists at Psychology On The Go are professionals with university studies, post-university studies and registered to practice our profession.
  • We are prepared to listen, evaluate and provide psychological help to those who need it, no matter how difficult the moment they are going through.
  • We handle ourselves with a strict confidentiality contract, where we make sure that nothing that is communicated during the course of the sessions with our therapists can be reproduced, copied or shared without express consent.
  • Our priority is that the therapy is useful, above all things, and that it can provide the person with practical tools to apply in their day to day life.

We have the best
Online psychologists in Spanish.

belen humenczuck psicologa

Lic. Belén Humenczuck

Online Systemic Psychologist, UBA, Argentina. MN: 59898.

Psychologist with Training in Brief and Focused Psychotherapies. Specialized in Anxiety Disorders and Emotional Dysregulation. Attention of adolescents, adults. Systemic online couple psychologist, marriage counselor.

psicologo a distancia skype cognitivo conductual

Lic. Mario Guerra

Online Systemic Psychologist, UBA, Argentina. MN: 72425.

Psychologist with training in Clinical and Institutional Psychology. Interdisciplinary work at Borda Neuropsychiatric Hospital. Psychodrama and Group Intervention Techniques (USFC, Brazil). Online couple psychologist, Marriage counseling.

Lic. Micaela Rivera

Online Psychologist, USAL, Argentina. MN: 99118.

Graduated in Psychology specialized in TCC, graduated in ASD from UCASAL, neurodevelopmental disorders. Accompaniment and guidance to parents. Attention of children, adolescents, adults.

Lic. Jesica Alfonso

Online Psychologist, UBA, Argentina. MN: 58618.

Psychologist with a Master’s in Educational Psychology. Senior Professor of Psychology. Care of adults with Anxiety and Depression. Treatment of children and adolescents on the autism spectrum.


⭐ 5/5 – For a year I had panic attacks, at first I thought I was going crazy, but when I got to the page and understood that what I had was anxiety and it could be controlled, I didn’t hesitate to ask for an appointment. Thank you Mario for helping me so much!
Laura Nieves

⭐ 5/5 – I started couples therapy to try to stop so many arguments with my girlfriend, luckily today we get along much better and I understood that I must accept certain differences. Great learning experience.
Leandro Cuevas

⭐ 5/5 – I asked for an appointment because my husband was unfaithful to me, he did not want to start therapy, but I was able to find my individual space to relieve so much suffering and get ahead! Excellent quality of care.
Mariana Zabala

⭐ 5/5 – How good is online therapy! I don’t move from home, I feel comfortable and on top of that I have a great therapist who helps me every day with my work stress. Genius Mica!
Nicolás Pellegrini

⭐ 5/5 – Although I thought that therapy was not going to be able to save my marriage, after 6 months of hard work with my wife and the help of Belén, today we are much more united and stronger.
Ariel Navas

⭐ 5/5 – I have a long-distance relationship and for a long time I wanted to do therapy with my partner but because we were in different countries we didn’t know how to do it, until we found you. Blessings!
María Monterrey

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In Psicologia On The Go LLC we are a team of Online Psychologists. With more than 5 years of experience helping couples and patients in distress, we have worked as registered Mental Health Professionals uninterruptedly. Trained at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) Argentina, we are committed to promoting scientifically based psychological practice, psycho-education and spreading free knowledge about mental health most common issues.

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